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The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a set of attitudes, skills and behaviors that students need to succeed academically, personally and professionally. It includes: initiative and self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

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The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To enroll in the Minor go to: Courses and click on the box “Declare This Minor”.

Absolutely not! The programs are open to any undergraduate students, and the concepts apply equally well to social entrepreneurs as well as to students pursuing for-profit business ideas. Mostly, however, the programs revolve on developing the skills to allow students to be effective regardless of the professional path they pursue.

Fifteen credit hours consisting of two core courses and nine hours of electives. In addition, you need to complete two Experiences. All of the requirements can be found on the Courses page.

Yes, if you are earning academic credit for the internship. Pre-approval is needed from the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Yes! This is strongly encouraged. Please see the Education Abroad page for further details.

Students can request that other courses count as electives toward the E&I Minor by petitioning the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship via the following link: https://msu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_02Ls7tHPa2IcHFb

A 2.0 grade-point average must be maintained in all courses completed for the Minor.

We understand that academic plans change. You can withdraw from the Minor by clicking on the following link and filling out the form completely: https://msu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8tRnoqYoQEYSSAB

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiences

An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experience is a project that is done IN A COURSE in which the student is enrolled. The approval of the E&I Experience is done by the instructor of that course. They are not extra-curricular projects and they are not done during breaks.


Yes, any undergraduate can. Students enrolled in the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation are required to complete two of them (and they must be done in courses that the student is NOT counting toward the 15 credit-hours of the E&I Minor), but anyone can do them and earn that distinction on their transcript.

When you satisfactorily complete an Experience, the following notation will show up on your transcript next to that course name: ENTREP & INNOVATION OPTION. This is true whether a student is enrolled in the E&I Minor or not.


The decision about the project statement and its evaluation rests entirely with the instructor who is teaching the course. The Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship is available to both student and instructor to assist in crafting a good project.

Pretty much any course is eligible except an Independent Study, but a student has to get the approval of the instructor of the course in which they are enrolled in order to have an Experience in that course. Please see the Experiences page for more detail about how to earn an Experience in a course. Students who are earning the E&I Minor must complete one of their two E&I Experiences in a course that is not counting toward the 15 credit-hour requirement of the Minor.

An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experience is a contract between the student and instructor. The complexity and breadth of the work is decided between them. The guidelines say that the total amount of effort performed by the student to complete the project should be 20-30 hours. Please see the Examples page for further guidance.

Students can work as a group if all students are in the same course (with the permission of the instructor), but each student will need to fill out their own form since there is currently no way to award an Experience to a group. That is, we encourage teamwork, but the instructor will evaluate the students independently.

Yes! Visit MSU StartupTree to see a list of student projects. Ideas can be found on the Examples page.

A student approaches their instructor with a project idea. The instructor agrees before the work is done. The student does the project. After the work is done, the instructor acknowledges that it was completed satisfactorily. The Experiences page has a lot of information about this process. Also on that page is a guide which contains complete instructions.

The Social Innovation Track

The Social Innovation Track is a variation on the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As the name suggests, it takes a deeper dive into topics related to social innovation such as social impact, non-profits and social change. It is recommended for students who imagine themselves solving social problems or helping communities more so than launching a for-profit company.

Most of the requirements are similar except that students are required to take a special recitation section of BUS 190 that is focused on social innovation, choose from a narrower list of electives and one of the E&I Experiences (see next) must be socially-themed. Details can be found on the Social Innovation Track page. The sign-up procedure is the same, and when you Declare, you will be asked which track you are choosing.

If you signed up for the regular E&I Minor and then want to take the Social Innovation Track, you may have credits to make-up. If you fall into this category, we suggest you schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship to discuss. If you sign-up for the Social Innovation Track but then want to earn the regular E&I Minor, you can easily do that so long as all requirements are met by the time you graduate.


Yes with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship. The credit-hours awarded will be the same as the internship up to a maximum of three credit-hours.

To have an internship count as an elective, it MUST be approved in advance (that is, before you start the internship) by the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship. Please talk to your e-advisor first, then contact the Director using this form. Under no circumstances will elective credit be granted after an internship has started.

Yes, but like all E&I Experiences, they must be approved IN ADVANCE. An internship that is approved as an E&I Experience can be for any number of credit hours (including zero) and can be for a grade or no grade. E&I Experiences are confirmed once the work is done satisfactorily and they are not graded. Please read the Experiences page carefully.

Yes. This document is the official policy and it can be shared with an instructor or student’s advisor.

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