How do I get plugged in?
Sign up for our email newsletter. This has all of our entrepreneurial events delivered straight to your inbox on a bi-weekly basis. (We promise we won’t spam you or sell your information!) You can also navigate to our Calendar page and see what is coming up.

What resources are available to me for entrepreneurial ventures while I am a student at MSU?
We have resources to assist you at every step in your process. Navigate to our Resources section on the website to see an explanation of the vast array of resources MSU has to offer student entrepreneurs!

What is an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”?
The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a set of attitudes, skills and behaviors that students need to succeed academically, personally and professionally. It includes: initiative and self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

I would like to talk to someone in Undergraduate Entrepreneurship. Who can I talk to?
Fill out the Contact form and we will be in touch. We are happy to set up an appointment to talk to you!


How do I enroll in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor?
To enroll in the Minor go to: Courses

Is this just for students who want to start a business?
Absolutely not! The programs are open to any undergraduate students, and the concepts apply equally well to social entrepreneurs as to students pursuing for-profit business ideas. Mostly, however, the programs revolve on developing the skills to allow students to be effective regardless of the professional path they pursue.

What are the requirements to complete the Minor?
Fifteen credit hours consisting of two core courses and nine hours of electives. In addition, you have to have two Experiences.

I am doing an internship, can this count as an elective or experience in the Minor?
Yes, if you are earning academic credit for the internship. Pre-approval is needed from the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Can I have an Experience in a Capstone class or on a Capstone project?

Can anyone have an Experience?
Yes, any undergraduate can.

This will go on my transcript, right?
When you satisfactorily complete an Option (that is, have an Experience in a course), the following notation will show up on your transcript next to that course name: ENTREP & INNOVATION OPTION.

Can I have an Experience if I’m not pursuing the Minor?

Who approves them?
The decision about the project statement and its evaluation rests entirely with the faculty member who is teaching the course. The Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship is available to both student and faculty to assist in crafting a good project.

What courses are eligible?
Pretty much any course is eligible, but you have to get the approval of the instructor of the course in which you are enrolled in order to have an Experience in that course. Please see the Experiences page for more detail about how to earn an Experience in a course.

How difficult are these projects (i.e., the Experiences)?
An E&I Experience Option project is a contract between the student and instructor. The complexity and breadth of the work is decided between them.

Can I have a group Experience?
You can work as a group (with the permission of your instructor), but each student will need to fill out their own form since there is currently no way to award an Experience to a group. That is, we encourage teamwork, but the instructor will evaluate you independently.

Can I see a list of past Experiences?
Yes! It is a work in progress, but please visit MSU StartupTree to see a list of student projects.