About the Minor


Any undergraduate student at MSU can get a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation regardless of their major or which college they’re enrolled in.

Click here to see the official page about the Minor from the MSU Office of the Registrar.

If you have questions about the Minor, please talk to your E-advisor or contact us.


15 credit-hours, and at least six of them must be unique to the Minor. That is, they cannot be used to fulfill another university, college, or major requirement.

Two required core courses @ 3 hours each–BUS 190: The Art of Starting (i.e., Intro to Entrepreneurship); and CAS/CAL 114: Creativity and Entrepreneurship (see below for course descriptions and schedules).

It is recommended that students take the core courses in the minor first.

Nine elective credits selected from the list below.

Two Experiences: Students are also required to complete two entrepreneurial and innovation experiences to earn the Minor, however anyone can choose to do an Experience regardless of whether they are enrolled in the Minor.

Students who complete an Experience will have the following designation put on their transcript next to the course name:


The Fine Print

If you run into any problems, please talk to your advisor and have them contact the E-Advisor in your college or the Office of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship if they are unable to resolve the issue.

Click to view courses by semester. Please note that sometimes courses are updated at the last minute. If you have scheduling questions, please contact your E-Advisor.

If you are interested in study abroad courses counting toward the Minor, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship.

Students can petition the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship to allow other courses to count as electives toward the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Please see the FAQ for further details.



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