Social Innovation Track

 About Social Innovation

Social Innovation is the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems that creates value for society as a whole, rather than private individuals. Characteristics of social innovation are:

  • Critical reflection
  • Global awareness and cultural understanding
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Human-centered values and prosocial behavior, including respect and empathy
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Practicing both leading and following
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills


15 credit-hours, and at least six of them must be unique to the Minor. That is, they cannot be used to fulfill another university, college, or major requirement.

Two required core courses @ 3 hours each–*ESHP 190: The Art of Starting (see special requirements below); and CAS/AL 114: Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
*Please note, ESHP 190 was formerly offered as BUS 190

Students pursuing the Social Innovation Track MUST enroll in a special section of ESHP 190 that is specific to Social Innovation. 

Nine elective credits selected from the list below.

Two Experiences: Students are also required to complete two entrepreneurial and innovation experiences to earn the Minor. For students on the Social Innovation track, one must be socially themed. The Social Innovation Experience Template can be accessed HERE. Please visit the Social Innovation FAQ for further information.

Students who complete an E&I Experience will have the following designation put on their transcript next to the course name:  ENTREP & INNOVATION OPTION

To register for the Social Innovation Track, please click this link. You will be prompted to choose the Social Innovation Track at the beginning of the form.

Below are the approved electives in the Social Innovation Track. Students can petition the Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship to allow other courses to count as electives toward the Social Innovation Track. Scheduling questions can be directed toward an E-Advisor.


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ACM 271 Introduction to Arts and Cultural Management* 3 CREDITS
ACM 465 Leadership and Innovation in Arts and Cultural Management* 3 CREDITS
BE 491 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering* 3 CREDITS
CAS 214 Social Media and the Startup* 3 CREDITS
CSUS 200 Introduction to Sustainability 3 CREDITS
CSUS 473 Social Entrepreneurship and Community Sustainability 3 CREDITS
EAD 361 Educational Reform and Policy Analysis 3 CREDITS
FW 491 Snares to Wares Initiative (only offered Spring 19) 4 CREDITS
MI 450 Creating Human-Centered Technology 3 CREDITS
MI 480 Information and Communication Technologies and Development 3 CREDITS
MI 488 Information and Communication Technology Development Project 3 CREDITS
PLS 302 Urban Politics 3 CREDITS
RCAH 292B Engagement and Reflection / Nonprofits Arts and Innovation 4 CREDITS
REL 185 Nonprofits and Religion 3 CREDITS
REL 291 Special Topics in Religious Studies: Intro to Nonprofits & Social Entrepreneurship 3 CREDITS
TE 201 Current Issues in Education 3 CREDITS
UP 201 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 4 CREDITS

*also an elective in the General Entrepreneurship Track

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