Every college on campus has one or more Entrepreneurial Advisors or E-Advisors. These are people well versed in the E&I Experiences program and also familiar with the programs and curricula of each college. For both students and faculty, they should be your first point of contact.

Name College Department Email
Ruthi Bloomfield Ag and Natural Resources Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics bloomf19@msu.edu
Susan Gruber Ag and Natural Resources Horticulture grubers@anr.msu.edu
Britta Urness Arts and Letters Art, Art History and Design urness@msu.edu
Andrew Murray Arts and Letters English murraya8@msu.edu
Cindy Walter Arts and Letters Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Language walterc2@msu.edu
Jennifer Gansler Arts and Letters Romance and Classical Studies gansler@msu.edu
Amy Lampe Arts and Letters Theatre / Philosophy lampeamy@msu.edu
Jon Ritz Arts and Letters Writing, Rhetoric and American Culture ritz@msu.edu
Alicia Birdsong Comm Arts & Sciences aliciab@msu.edu
Mike Haslett Education Kinesiology & Athletic Training haslett3@msu.edu
Sean Fochtman Engineering fochtma3@egr.msu.edu
Amanda Ritter Honors College rittera1@msu.edu
Carla Reyes Law LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation reyesca5@law.msu.edu
Tasha Warfield Lyman Briggs warfiel7@msu.edu
Christine Beamer Music Running Start Program beamerch@music.msu.edu
Brian Chadwick Natural Science Mathematics & Actuarial Science bchadwick@math.msu.edu
Justin St. Charles Neighborhood Student Success Collaboration No Preference Students stchar10@msu.edu
Carey Elder Social Science Economics elderc@msu.edu
Emily Tabuteau Social Science History tabuteau@msu.edu
Matt Hahnenberg Social Science Human Resources & Labor Relations hahnenb2@msu.edu
Nicolas Gisholt Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies gisholt@msu.edu
Regan Kania Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies kania@msu.edu
Lauren Munoz Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies laurenm@msu.edu
Brian Egan Social Science Political Science eganbria@msu.edu
Sarah Handspike Social Science Psychology meadsara@msu.edu