Examples of E&I Experiences

To earn an E&I Experience, the student must be doing something assertive and active. In these hands-on learning opportunities, the focus is on the activity and the process, not on the results (which makes this very different from most other academic programs). The total time invested for the student to complete an E&I Experience should be 20-30 hours.

There are many established programs on campus where participation could qualify as an E&I Experience. Below are templates which describe projects and instruct the student exactly how to fill out the forms. For example, if a student does any of the following, they could complete an Experience (subject to approval from their instructor):

Burgess New Venture Challenge Template

Engineering Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition Template

Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Template

Projects with Local Businesses Template

Startup Weekend Template

Solar Racing Team: Business

Solar Racing Team: Electrical

Solar Racing Team: Mechanical

Grid Scale Energy Storage Team

If none of the above fit a students needs, the following options can also be explored:

  • Performing customer discovery around an idea and completing a business model canvas with at least 15 documented customer interviews
    • If a student isn’t already working on their own business idea, or doesn’t have an idea of their own, they can view the MSU Big List of Ideas, for ideas to work on.
  • Participating in a business plan competition
  • Go through the Conquer Accelerator program
  • Exhibit/speak at TechWeek
  • Go through the Ann Arbor SPARK Boot Camp
  • Go through the South by Southwest Student Startup Competition
  • Developing a minimum viable product and/or product prototype
  • Doing a crowdfunding campaign
  • Building a cash flow model
  • Creating an entity (by incorporating or forming a not-for-profit)
  • Planning a social media campaign and then executing it. Documenting the results, lessons learned and whether the results met expectations.
  • Building a website to promote or launch a new business idea
  • Doing a competitive analysis
  • Performing an IP analysis
  • Launching an app on the App store

Activities which are not permitted include passive activities such as: Internet research, surveys, literature reviews and so forth.

MSU StartupTree contains a listing of actual MSU student projects and all students are strongly encouraged to check it out.