John Cabot University, Rome, Italy


Through direct enrollment programs a student will attend class at a host institution. This option allows a student to immerse themselves in the culture, language and day-to-day life of the host country. Through our partnership with John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, a student can earn credits that transfer into the Minor.

Students can take any of these four courses and they count as electives in the E&I Minor:
*Please note that these will show up on the transcript as ADV (advertising) courses.

JCU Course MSU Course Equivalent Credit Hours
MKT 350: Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations ADV 492 3 credits
BUS-CMS 361: Social Networks and Media Management ADV 492 3 credits
BUS 335: International Management and Entrepreneurship ADV 492 3 credits
MKT 355: Social Marketing and Fundraising ADV 430 3 credits

Students can also earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship at JCU. The Certificate was designed expressly for visiting students, to enable them to explore entrepreneurship while at John Cabot and give purpose to their semester abroad; it does not require a heavy commitment but could well be the beginning of an interesting journey that they can complete once they are back home. The Certificate does not have pre-requisites and is open to all students independent of major.

To earn the Certificate interested students will have to satisfactorily complete the following:

  • One introductory entrepreneurial course, chosen from the following:

BUS 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGT 345 Social Entrepreneurship
BUS 410 Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship

  • Attend 3 Entrepreneurship events, workshops or visits organized by IFE
  • Write a 3- to 5-page reflection paper on the entrepreneurial insights gained from their experience at JCU

GPA: minimum average GPA of 2.7

Major: all majors welcome

Business courses: no previous business course required

Language: English is the language of instruction

Students wishing to pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurship must complete the following steps:

  • Enroll in one of the classes indicated above
  • Complete the Certificate Registration Form
  • For every event attended, write a 2-paragraph email to detailing the contents of the event and any reflection about entrepreneurship it provoked
  • Submit final report to (deadline will be provided upon registration)
  • At the end of the semester, once all requirements have been satisfied, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship will be issued.