E&I Experiences Social Innovation FAQ’s

What is social innovation?
At MSU, we define social innovation as the process of pursuing innovative solutions to social problems that creates value for society as a whole, rather than for private individuals.

When should I submit my E&I Experience: Social Innovation form?
It is recommended that students submit the details of their project within the first 3-4 weeks of the semester.

What do you mean by community partner?
A community partner is a nonprofit organization, local school, government agency, community group, or registered student organization that is involved in the E&I: Social Innovation Experience. Community partners ultimately help ensure that students are addressing needs identified by the communities they intend to serve.

How might a community partner be involved in the E&I Experience: Social Innovation?
Students should explore how they might work with community partners in their project throughout the experience and beyond the experience. The level of involvement of community partners can range, depending on the community partner and the type of project. For example, some community partners might only be involved in providing input and insight into the project, whereas other community partners might be more involved in the planning, development, and distribution.

What are some sample project ideas for an E&I Experience: Social Innovation?
Students can browse these websites for ideas and resources to support them in brainstorming for their E&I Experience: Social Innovation.

Who can help me develop my E&I Experience: Social Innovation?
Contact the MSU Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement for support with developing your project and identifying potential community partners. Email socinnov at msu.edu or use the Contact form.