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Black. Educated.


By: D'Mario Northington

Physiology / Senior

Black. Educated. aspires to utilize its platform to celebrate the work of Black entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers. The company’s founder, D’Mario Northington, hopes the company brings together communities and raises awareness about other Black-owned businesses, big or small. This line is all-natural, and made from only earthy ingredients; no additives, preservatives, or any of the stuff that our hair & bodies can do without.

Good Mood Food Cocoa Coconut Brittle

Good Mood Food

By: Brianna Belanger

We are all about helping you fuel and energize your body with simple, real food because we believe that liveliness, positivity, prosperity, and healthfulness all begin with what you eat.



By: Jackie Smythe

Supply Chain / Sophomore

INFKNIT’s products are hand-cut and sewn at Soft Goods Detroit. This ensures INFKNIT is able to validate the employee conditions of manufacturing and monitor sustainability. Employees are compensated fairly with great working conditions and a positive environment. We also love working with Soft Goods Detroit because we can show support to the MSU network and Detroit fashion community.

Land Grant Goods


Land Grant Goods (LGG) is a value-added agriculture business founded and managed by students at Michigan State University. LLG provides students the opportunity to assess the current food system and produce products that are locally sourced, ethically created, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. This student-run business supports the food system of the future, creates the next generation of food activists and entrepreneurs, and innovates within the local food system at Michigan State University.



By: Dajheonna Perry

Master's Candidate, Journalism

Unicoils is a hot beauty & cosmetic line, born straight out of Detroit, Michigan. This line is all-natural, and made from only earthy ingredients; no additives, preservatives, or any of the stuff that our hair & bodies can do without.



By: Jonathan Ristola


The journey to include better food for us started a few years ago when we were trying to eat healthier by serving a weekly plant-based meal with friends. Over time, we found a plant-based favorite not only for us, but also to the delight of our friends.

The idea of a plant-based meal gradually grew into a weekly friends dinner that encouraged exploring various flavors. Eventually, a Friendsgiving meal was celebrated. From our Friendsgiving, we were able to create our customizable plant-based menu and the courage to start a small business.

That’s how VEG-N sprouted!

Spartan venturers! Are you building your business with Burgess Institute Discovery or Launch? Apply now to be listed! Your first step: complete this application form. Our team is aiming to create a marketplace where we showcase your hard work & entrepreneurial spirit. If you have a physical product or service, come on board!

*Please note: All transactions are entirely between buyer & seller; neither Michigan State University nor the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation assumes responsibility or profit from student-run ventures.

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