Phoebe Moll, Graphic Design & Photography Intern

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Graphic Design & Photography Intern

Phoebe Moll a Graphic Design & Photography Intern for the Burgess Discovery & Launch programs. She opened her first LLC for her photography company when she was 15 years old, from there she become a passionate creative entrepreneur. Today, Phoebe owns and manages Phoebe Moll Photography & Creative Co., freelancing photography jobs, from weddings to product photography, as well as making and selling functional ware pottery. On the side, Phoebe rehabs rescue horses.

Alongside her entrepreneurial endeavors, she is pursuing her BFA at Michigan State University, works as a seasonal bartender & server at a local pub restaurant. Phoebe’s also a student-athlete, playing on MSU’s polo team and holding the presidential position of the club. In her free time, you’ll catch her working at the horse farms as well as experimenting with other art practices.