Bringitt FoundersStudents: Jarett Lazare & Danny Meltser
Founders & Creators of: Bringitt

Jarrett Lazare and Danny Meltser during their freshmen year both realized how often they left things at home that they needed back on campus. Like most freshmen, they were car-less which made it very hard to get the items they needed.

“We thought that this was a problem that only we experienced until noticing all of our roommates and friends were facing the same situations,” they said. “For those that were fortunate enough to even have a car, it still required a long drive and gas money to get home and pick up their forgotten items.”

Thus, they came up with the idea of Bringitt which they described as a cross between Uber and UPS.

“We help college students retrieve item(s) they need from home with the touch of a button. Through our mobile app, we connect students who need item(s) from their hometown, with a fellow student who is driving back to campus from their hometown… This allows a parent to ship an item to their child without ever leaving the house, just using their iPhone.”

They are attempting to eliminate the struggle for both students and parents by connecting others.

“We understood that there are constantly students going back and forth between campus and home for a given day or weekend; connecting them to solve this problem was our vision,” they said. “By having a student already home for a weekend bring a different student’s items back to campus, we knew that we could create an easy solution for a common problem. To make it possible to connect these students we created the Bringitt app.”

Starting a business has been an extremely valuable experience for both. It has helped them in terms of personal development as well as professional development.

“Being an entrepreneur uncovers a whole new world that many students will never experience,” they said. “It gives the opportunity to expand your network and meet new people, learning from every interaction. In many cases, starting a business can be very rewarding once achieving some success, but more importantly it allows for the chance to make an impact.”

Michigan State has been one of the most helpful partners in the start and growth of Bringitt. Both students enrolled in different entrepreneurship classes at MSU which helped inform and teach them about different terminologies and strategies of the business world. The faculty was extremely helpful, too.

“We met with Paul Jaques, the superhero who helps all student-startups,” they said. “He was able to help us grow with allocating funds we needed to incorporate, begin app development, and launch our first marketing campaign. Furthermore, Paul was able to give us advice on all aspects of our business, from how to effectively execute a marketing plan, to which alumni would be good to reach out and learn from. Some of the advice we received from these alumni have pushed us to become better and work even harder.”

If they had to give any advice to current Michigan State students attempting to pursue entrepreneurship it would be to never give up.

“It is natural to be afraid of failing, but understand that failing is a great thing,” they said. “Most people will never even give themselves the opportunity to fail. We all know the story of Thomas Edison, who failed 1000 times before inventing the light bulb. I think most people overlook the lesson to be learned there. The lessons necessary for success are taught in the failure period. A wise man once said, “You don’t need to be great to start, but you do need to start to be great.””