VentattiStudent: Sean Ainsley

Sean Ainsley, a Computer Science junior, was inspired to create his company Ventatti as a freshman entering college.

“I knew there were a lot of events happening, but I never could find a one-stop-spot for all of them,” he said. “Consequently, I would have to browse various event calendars spread out all over the internet.”

That struggle sparked the inspiration for Ventatti, which is an online event ticketing, event management and event promoting solution for organizers in the MSU and Lansing area. The site provides a professional platform and different types of advanced tools to enable a person or company to promote, network and sell.

“…the general idea started out a just a local event calendar, connecting all other event calendars in the area,” he said. “…but eventually evolved into a full fledged online event ticketing platform.”

Sean believes that regardless of the outcome or consequences of starting a business, “there is always value to be gained from the experience.” Being a part of his startup has taught him valuable lessons on commitment, conception, validation, scaling and establishing a business.

“I have learned a great deal from this experience,” he said. “Before I started my business I knew very little about entrepreneurship; now I feel I could start another business and be a hundred times more efficient from the get go.”

There are a few MSU resources that Sean utilized for Ventatti but the most used one is Spartan Innovations.

“They ahve been extremely resourceful in helping us reach our goals,” he said.

He was also blessed with a few mentors along the way.

“The knowledge they have passed down to me is truly invaluable,” he said. “I have also made a lot of connections and friends, giving me more opportunities to further grow.”