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  • Check out Livescribe for making your back to school transition a little easier. The notebook and pen pair your notes with apps on your mobile phone so you can always have the written and audio notes with you  #TechTuesday #startup #Entrepreneurship #Innovation #BackToSchool
  • Don't stop until you reach your goals! Happy #MotivationMonday
  • Today we kick off @conquer_accelerator Demo Week in East Lansing! Join us this week in #Detroit and #GrandRapids
  • It's almost time for back to school shopping and the  new startup @brandlesshq has you covered. Brandless is challenging the idea of branding a business by bringing customers products with natural ingredients at fractions of the average cost...because it doesn't have to pay the branding fee. #TechTuesday #startup #BackToSchool #Entrepreneurship #Innovation

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